About Fred's Marina


We can't wait to see you! Some of our services are:


  • Non-Ethanol Gasoline

  • Daily, monthly and yearly moorage

  • Snack shop with chips and candy

  • Beer, pop and coffee

We have clear, non-Ethanol gasoline for your boat, lawn mower, chain saw or other off-road equipment. The gas pump is only accessible by boat. We do not carry any diesel...

We offer daily, monthly and yearly boat moorage for fishing boats, motor boats and sailboats from 10 to 100+ feet when space is available. We do not have any long term stay live-aboard options here at our marina.

The marina store isn't big, but we stock an assortment of items for your fishing and pleasure boating needs. We have "quick stop" food items - pop, water, ice, beer, snacks, candy bars and chips.  We carry a few essential boating items like fishing tackle, hooks, bait, worms, life vests, boat and radio batteries, signal flares, some clothes and a paddle or two.

There is also a boat ramp here for launching your boat for a day of fishing or water sports. The daily marina use fee is $10.00 - this is for parking and/or launching your boat.